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Aquilining is a proven waterproofing system based on Aquionics’ proprietary technology. The system can be generally described as a fiberglass reinforced polyster composite panel affixed to the inner wall and floor of the finished concrete tank.
The Aquilining is designed to last the lifetime of the aquarium and the strength and low attrition rate exceeds the demanding conditions of a commercial aquarium. 
Aquilining is one of the most cost-effective forms of waterproofing and offers excellent surface hardness and mechanical strength, long lasting aesthetics, an environmentally safe environment for aquatic livestock, guaranteed water tightness and is compatible with all standard sealing systems for acrylic pannels.
Aquilining is adaptable to any shape or style enclosure and will provide a safe and leak proof aquatic enclosure for decades.

Livestock Safe Materials

Aquilining is amine-free (unlike epoxy resins) and there is no Dissolution of toxic compaunds. Fish sensitive to water conditions, such as Sturgeon, are safe in displays using Aquilining. Aquilining provides equally safe conditions in both fresh water and saltwater displays.

Tough Waterproofing Layer

With its high surface hardness and superior mechanical strength, Aquilining can withstand the harshest of conditions including failing objects during construction, heavy rocks and coral displays.

Excellent Workability 

The polyester resins used in Aquilining offer much greater flexibility, better hardening conditions & easier application than epoxy resin-based products.

The Aquilining system is a “matched laminate” system eliminated any possibility of elimination or topcoat peeling. The low viscosity of the resins provides for easy application and pinhole-free surface.

Concrete Crack Resistant

The proprietary primer formulation controls adhesion to the concrete surface. If the concrete surface cracks, the primer allows the mechanical layer to release and becomes an independent layer from the concrete surface.

The primer also plays a vital role in protecting the mechanical layer from moisture and alkalinity during the FRP curing phase.

Sealant Compatible

Aquilining® is compatible with all known acrylic sealants and sealant primers. This assures the acrylic supplier of a leak-free installation.


The Aquilining system is inexpensive and extreamly cost-effective.

Chemicals & Materials

ResinPrimer resin APR1
Primer resin APR2
Primer resin APR3
Top coatFlowcoat ATC1
Pigment – as per client’s selection
FiberglassChopped stand mat 450gsm
Tissue 30gsm
Glass Content33%
Barcol Hardness45
Tensile Strength9 x 104 kPa
Modulus of Elasticity85 x 105 kPa
Bending Strength 17 x 104 kPa
Youngs Modulus of Flexure  8 x 106 x kPa
Water Absorption0.15%

The materials used in the production of the Aquilining are of the highest industry quality and formulated under stringent conditions.


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