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Aquionics International Sdn Bhd Aquionics Technologies
Our core business and expertise are in the areas
of designing, developing and manufacturing water cleansing systems and providing
long-term and reliable solutions for our
Established in Australia in 1973, we moved our
entire operations in 2000 to Malaysia to serve as
a strategic base to cover the region and the rest
of the world better, both in delivery timelines and
economy of scale.
We have designed and installed water cleansing
solutions ranging from home leisure systems to
commercial aquariums for decades. All our
products are tested to the highest standard
before they are introduced into the market.
Our key strength is to be able to consider
each individual customer’s requirements and
tailor a long-term solution for their diverse
Aquionics Technologies Sdn Bhd (AQT) is a wholly owned
subsidiary that designs and builds our products in our factory.
Research and development is continuous to maintain our role as
the world leader in fiberglass filter technology. We have been
providing solutions to leisure theme parks, zoos, aquaculture
industries, agricultural irrigation solutions, environmental water
management systems, water recovery systems and many
Aquionics Developments
Aquionics Developments Sdn Bhd (AQD) is another wholly
owned subsidiary that specializes in conceptualizing, designing,
construction & management of indoor and outdoor, all weather
theme parks, rain forest theme parks, zoos, water parks and
public aquaria around the world.
Some examples are –
• Dubai Mall Aquarium (UAE),
• Siam Ocean World (Thailand),
• Melbourne Aquarium, Sydney Aquarium & Taronga Zoo
• Shanghai Aquarium Stage II, Nanjing Under Water World,
Tai Ping Yang Aquarium (China),
• Busan Aquarium (Korea),
• Zoo Negara, Langkawi Aquarium Stage II (Malaysia).
Aquionics Laboratories
Aquionics Laboratories Sdn Bhd (AQL) is a subsidiary that
specializes in water treatment for industrial process
applications, cooling systems, hot water and steam systems.
AQL supplies chemicals and on-site services for treatment of
cooling tower water to prevent scaling, corrosion, algae,
bacteria proliferation and other microbiological activity.
Untreated warm cooling tower water can lead to a
‘microbial soup’ which can lead to disease outbreaks and
health problems as well as decreased efficiency of the
cooling water systems.