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Aquionics has been a trusted innovator and manufacturer of aquatic and process equipment for five decades, having supplied renowned distributors and major international projects in more than 36 countries worldwide.

Thousands upon thousands of installations around the world depend on the performance, robustness and reliability of Aquionics products and systems. Here are just a few key projects that has Aquionics as its heart.

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Oceanariums, Marine Parks & Aquaculture

Our specialisation

  • Breed-specific hatcheries
  • Intensive Recirculation Aquaculture Systems
  • Purpose-built systems for fry, juveniles, fingerlings
  • High-yield systems
Marine Parks
  • AZA certified installations
  • Breed specific systems
  • Performance pools
  • Animal-safe proprietary tank lining
  • Focus on aesthetics & animal welfare
  • AZA certified systems
  • Large volume/high bio-load life support systems
  • Propagation systems for jellies, crustaceans
  • Animal-safe proprietary long-life lining systems
  • World-class aesthetics and minimal attrition
Aquatic Animal Displays and Enclosures
  • High bio-load animal handling facilities
  • Quarantine life support systems
  • Animal handling & AZA certified living quarters
  • Specialist breeding and propagation systems

Commercial & Construction

Our specialisation

Acrylic Glass Walls
  • UV stabilised for outdoor installations
  • Security walls, architectural features
  • High clarity products - aquariums, retail displays
Water Features
  • Challenging installations requiring engineering expertise
  • Lake & pond remediation & beautification systems
  • Systems to emulate natural waterfalls
  • Water wall systems
  • High head/high flow geyser fountains
  • Commercial musical fountain systems
  • Aeration & mixing fountains for oxygen adsorption
Water Supply
  • Water distribution for high-rise buildings
  • Groundwater treatment systems
  • Circulating & distribution systems for industry
  • Process water recovery systems
  • Process water disposal systems

Home & Leisure Aplications

Our specialisation

Swimming Pools
  • Low cost sustainable filtration packages
  • Energy conservation systems for home pools
  • Non-chlorine sanitation systems for private & commercial applications
  • Large-scale filtration systems for large water bodies
  • Natural pool biosecurity systems
Fish Ponds
  • Bio-safe closed systems for domestic & commercial ponds
  • Aesthetic cost-economic water features
  • Bioremediation systems for fish health & safety
Landscape Projects
  • Water treatment systems for streams & lakes
  • Environmentally acceptable treatment system for natural water bodies
Water Supply
  • All-of-house fine water filtration
  • Sustainable household pressure pump systems for multi-storey homes

Water Treatment & Process Industries

Our specialisation

Food Production
  • Specialised pumps to meet the demands of high viscosity, corrosion & biosecurity
  • High flow water treatment for treating incoming seawater or ground water
  • Bio-security systems to maintain sanitation levels
Drinking Water
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) water makers for production of commercial quantities of drinking water
  • RO installations for off-shore marine & land-based systems
  • Treatment of groundwater & brackish water
  • Specialised systems combining fish rearing and food cultivation
  • Breed-specific systems to maximise production
  • Pre-treatment systems for incoming process water
  • Bio-security systems to eliminate pathogens
Water Treatment
  • Sewage pumps for domestic & commercial applications
  • High flow/low head water transfer pumps
  • Large-scale filtration with rotating drum filters


Aquionics Guarantee

We innovate, design and manufacture in our own factory. No putting on labels on products from cheap sources or cutting corners.

That is why here at Aquionics Technologies, we offer after sales service that is quick, experienced with no excuses of old parts that cannot be found anymore. If we don't have it in the store, we'll just make it!

That is what the Aquionics Warranty gives you. And that is why we have been powering the world's most iconic water projects for the last 50 years.

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