We, the employees, are Aquionics Technologies –
a dynamic, progressive solution provider to
aquatic and allied fields.


Our vision is “Partners For Life”. Our customers are our partners and to earn their loyalty we must listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create the perceived value they want in all our products & systems.


We want to be renown for reliability, flexibility, attentiveness, innovative products & systems and exemplary professionalism in our actions. With these values, growth, sustainability and financial reward will be organic.


All this will happen by our efforts to maintain an enveloping environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.




Aquionics Technologies is steeped in history. Having been established over 40 years ago, the business has risen from humble beginnings in Fremantle, Australia to the mature establishment now located in KL, Malaysia.


The relocation to Malaysia in 2000 was an economic move to take advantage of Malaysia’s more central location in the world market and the lower production costs compared to Australia.


For the first decade or so in Malaysia, Aquionics Technologies provided more than just product solutions, and was actively involved in many iconic project developments around the world. To allow Aquionics Technologies to focus on their core business and to build their role as an international service provider of products & systems, the project design and implementation business was taken over by a sister company Aquionics Design & Development.


The common thread is Group Chairman Garry Adams, who established the business in 1973 and is still actively involved in Aquionics today.